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Learn the simple 3-step process to acquire precious metals either for physical delivery or a precious metals-backed IRA.

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  • Debt Ceiling Deadline 2017: March 15 Crisis
    We are talking with our clients about the debt ceiling every day now, because March 15 is coming up faster than many investors realize. Newly-appointed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has his hands full to avert financial chaos and a severe correction in the markets in March.  Hard to believe only 15 months have gone by since […]
  • Stock Market Insanity: Is The U.S. Dollar Decreasing In Value?
    The dollar is headed down soon, if Steven Mnuchin has his way. In January, U.S. Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin said publicly that an excessively strong dollar could wreak havoc on our economy. The comments were so strong that the dollar dropped to its weakest level in more than six weeks. President Trump has also […]
  • Gold Hits 3-Month High
    Gold began the week with a big jump in price as a string of unexpected proclamations and setbacks for the new Trump administration rattled investors around the globe. In fact, gold hit a high it hasn’t seen since 2016. Despite recent impressive stock market gains, the unpredictable and combative style of America’s new president has many investors looking for safe-haven […]
  • Breaking News: Silver Just Jumped 3.4%
    Gold has been attracting so much attention recently that silver’s sudden rocket shot on Friday took traders by surprise. The gray precious metal is now up more than 6% in 2017, including the 3.4% spike that occurred in just 2 hours of trading on Friday. This could be the start of an extended rally for […]

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We Help You Take Control.

The Hartford Gold Group is proud to help individuals and families protect their wealth by diversifying with precious metals.

Our services include the Precious Metals IRA, Gold IRA Rollover, Silver IRA Rollover & Physical Delivery of gold and silver bars and coins.

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We Keep You Informed.

An educated investor is our favorite kind of client. Our Data Center keeps you up to date on important market trends.

  • Live charts for precious metals
  • Compare gold prices with other markets
  • Historical charts and more!
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For Our Educated Investor

Many analysts consider our current global economic prosperity to be unsustainable, as the hangover of rampant government debt begins to take its inevitable toll. This doesn’t just affect huge banks: it has serious implications for every American worker and retiree.

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