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  • Gold & Silver IRA FAQs
  • Why should I add gold and silver to my retirement assets?

    Many investment experts recommend that investors add gold and/or silver to their retirement accounts because of the long-established wealth protection benefits that precious metals provide. Gold and silver are "safe haven" assets that fluctuate in an independent manner from other markets such as the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ.

    If you are over-exposed to "paper" markets, you could be in for a rough, volatile ride at times. If you have only a few years before retirement, a quick stock market drop could leave you with a severely curtailed lifestyle in the future. Physical gold and silver offer a powerful diversifying tool that any investor can use to their benefit and help secure their financial future.

  • What is a Private Storage Gold IRA?

    Our Private Storage Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that can include IRS-approved physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The account enjoys all the same tax-deferment benefits that a traditional IRA provides. The precious metals are held in custody by an IRS-approved custodian for your benefit.

    A key advantage to our Private Storage Gold IRA is that it allows the account owner to actually store the physical gold and silver closer to their home. In addition to all the benefits of a regular IRA, you also have diversification, wealth protection and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your assets are physically located closer to your home.

  • How does a Private Storage Gold IRA Work?

    Our innovative Private Storage Gold IRA allows you to hold physical precious metals such as bullion coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium and store them in a bank nearby your home. View our Product Catalog to see the many options we offer.

    The Hartford Gold Group will walk you through the entire easy process to open the IRA, which can be funded with cash or a rollover of an existing retirement account. There is a long list of products that are IRS-eligible to include, including popular products such as American Gold and Silver Eagles. These precious metals can be stored in The Hartford Gold Group's secure depository or even locally in your community in a bank.

    Our Private Storage Gold IRA falls under the same exact tax rules as other IRAs. Any contributions to your IRA can be deducted from your federal income taxes -- tax is only due upon withdrawal. As with other IRAs, the gold and silver you buy and hold cannot be withdrawn from the account until you reach the age of 59 1/2 years old, or you will have to pay taxes on your withdrawal as well as a 10 percent penalty for the early withdrawal. You must also begin making mandatory minimum withdrawals at age 70 1/2 (and pay taxes on those withdrawals) as with any other IRA.

    If your Gold IRA is set up as a Roth account, you can make tax-free withdrawals anytime because you were already taxed on the contributions. You also will not have to start withdrawing money out at age 70 ½.

  • Do my retirement funds stay tax-deferred with my Private Storage Gold IRA?

    Yes. Our Private Storage Gold IRA has the same tax-deferment benefits as any other IRA. Note that this also means that the same limitations on early withdrawal will apply. We recommend that you consult with a tax attorney or accountant to learn how this might apply to your specific circumstances.

  • Can I keep the gold and silver in my IRA in a local safe deposit box?

    Yes. Storage in a documented safe deposit box in your local community is a valid option with our Home Storage Gold IRA. Having your physical precious metals close to home, rather than far away in a depository, can give you priceless peace of mind.

    We recommend that you consult with a tax attorney or accountant to learn how this might apply to your specific circumstances.

  • Can I store my IRA Precious Metals at home?

    The Hartford Gold Group does not recommend storing your metals at home for precious metals IRA’s and Private Storage IRA’s in compliance with Internal Revenue Code Sections: 408(m)(3)(B) and (n). We recommend any depository such as Brinks/DDSC that handles precious metals for IRA’s.

  • What kind of retirement accounts can I roll over into a Private Storage Gold IRA?

    All types of retirement accounts are eligible for conversion to a Private Storage Gold IRA. Traditional IRAs, ROTH IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLEs, 401ks, 403bs, 457s, TSPs and annuities are all eligible to rollover.

  • What kind of precious metals are allowed with a Private Storage Gold IRA?

    Many popular gold and silver coins and bars are allowed in our Private Storage Gold IRA. American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles are common choices, but there are many others. Visit our Product Catalog to see the many options.

  • What costs are involved with the Private Storage Gold IRA?

    The Hartford Gold Group offers investors many advantages over other precious metals IRAs, including NO setup fees or transfer fees. We also offer free storage of your gold and silver for up to three years, or you can store it locally in a safe deposit box (bank fees may apply, depending on your circumstances).

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